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Tail Tips

Your blood belongs in you, not on your work!

Our soft red vinyl tail tips dress your job up, while at the same time making those unsightly scars just a bad memory. As a bonus, they will fit on 1/2" band clamps from those other guys as well.

Available two ways:

  • The convenient 100 pack, p/n 125015
  • The convenient (but smaller) 25 pack, p/n 125015P



AWAB Flexible Clamp Driver

The AWAB Flexible Clamp Driver will quickly become your favorite maintenance tool. With a narrow 7MM socket that slips snugly over the hex of our clamps, a flexible shaft that is effective as far as 90 degrees around the corner, and a fluted handle for a sure grip, it's a hard tool to beat. Just remember - if you buy one of these, you're going to want to replace all of those cheap clamps, 'cause this won't fit 'em.

Also available two ways:

  • 10" Black Handle, p/n 125010
  • 24" Blue Handle, p/n 125011