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In the marine market, the AWAB 316SS clamp stands clearly above all the rest.

As boat owners, our aftermarket customers demand the very best and are willing to pay more for the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing that the weakest link in the plumbing system is very strong indeed.

Our repair and maintenance customers use and recommend our clamp with great assurance, knowing that a hose secured with an AWAB clamp will not fail to remain attached.

Aftermarket and systems manufacturers who incorporate the AWAB clamp in their products have the peace of mind of knowing that there will not be warranty claims due to hose system failures. Due to this it is possible to correspondingly lengthen the warranty period, which can be a competitive advantage.

Boat builders who incorporate our clamps in their new boats show to their customers a commitment to quality even in the details, and significantly reduce the likelihood of warranty claims or litigation arising from system failures.

Please see the Logos & Links page for a partial list of manufacturers, shipyards, and vessel maintenance facilities using the AWAB 316SS clamp.