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You're selling a quality product, and you don't want warranty repairs. Insure yourself against cooling and lubrication system failures and show your customers you care by selecting the very best hose clamps.

Here's a typical example:

  • A typical 25kW industrial genset from one of our customers costs the end user approximately $7,500.
  • Cheap "marine grade" clamps from "Brand T" would cost this manufacturer a total of no less than $6.21.
  • AWAB 316SS clamps cost them $12.67, or a maximum difference of $6.46.

Comparing the costs of the clamps, without taking anything else into account, it's a HUGE difference! The AWAB 316SS clamps are TWICE as expensive! (Keep reading)

Now let's look at the real differences:

  • AWAB clamps last a very long time; they don't have to be replaced every couple years.
  • AWAB clamps don't stress crack at the ends of their slots and fail.
  • AWAB clamps don't vibrate loose.
  • AWAB clamps don't tear up hoses.

Assume for the moment that our customer is really paying $3,750 for the parts to make this genset. The increase in parts cost is now a whopping 0.17%. Think about it. How much does it cost to keep a good customer happy when a clamp fails on a new genset and it burns up? Wouldn't you rather spend that money making your product better instead?